Oren Darling

My current artistic practice is largely based in photography with an extensive background in video and installation. Much of my photography involves travel, but I do not consider myself to be a “travel photographer.” My work is about place, with travel simply being a necessary part of a process that does not define the work. There is no intent to convince others to travel to the places which are featured in my work and some of my favorite work involves a long-term project centered on my home.

I completed my MFA in Electronic and Time-Based Art at Purdue University in 2015 with my graduate committee consisting of Fabian Winkler, Shannon McMullen, and Rick Paul. Previously, I studied in the Intermedia MFA program at University of Maine, transferring when my wife was accepted to a Ph.D. program at Purdue. My undergraduate studies at Alfred University were unique and varied. I was initially accepted for physics, but spent my first two years in Political Science and my last two in the BFA program.

Since 2013, I have primarily worked as a creative manager for the Purdue Research Foundation, a technology transfer, science and engineering, and economic development non-profit based in West Lafayette, Indiana.